About Us



Atmosa was established in May 1995 by the Taiwanese Dahin Group after the acquisition of the PA plant from Chemie Linz, a former affiliated company of OMV.

After playing its significant role for a few years within the group as a means to carry out their strategy of upstream integration and internationalization, Atmosa’s focus shifted to the European market.

Today, Atmosa is an independent company and one of the major players in the European PA market. The high quality of our product allowed Atmosa Petrochemie GmbH to establish itself as a reliable long-term supplier to many important producers in the European plasticizer and resins industries.

The last years Atmosa has continually invested in the modernization of its own facilities. For example Atmosa has built a turbine generator to produce electricity from steam for its own needs to reduce electricity costs.

In recent years, our efforts have been more and more concentrated to expand our client base to other countries outside of the European Union. These efforts have been met with great success, especially in Turkey and Northern African countries, where we have been able to gain significant market shares. 



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